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Groomer and Owner

Hello my name is Monica and I have been grooming dogs professionally since 2015. It originally started as a hobby to keep my Yorkie looking nice and cute, but then I decided I wanted to spread the same love and care to other four-legged friends. I quickly found myself deeply in love with grooming as a professional. Over the years working at the local pet superstore, I realized I was growing tired of the corporate mindset of quantity over quality, along with the sloppy assembly line approach adopted by many large pet grooming salons.


I enjoy taking care of animals and pampering them as if they were my own. Bringing out the best in every dog is what brings me joy and happiness every day. I pride myself on my compassionate and thorough grooming techniques with my keen eye for detail. Over the pandemic in 2020 I decided to open Monicas Paw and spread as much fluffy love as possible.

I dedicate Monicas Paw to my inspiration, motivator, and BFF Bigotes.  Nothing is better than watching him prance around after I wash and groom him. 


Get in touch so we can start working together.

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